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Empowering exceptional teams who strive for a SUSTAINABLE FUTURE

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Our Approach

our approach

We invest in early stage companies developing innovative technologies that contribute to environmental objectives.

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Where do we invest?

Sector focus


Stage focus

Pre-seed to Series-A

Geographic focus

Northern Europe

Ticket Size

€250k - €1m

What do we look for?


Genuine positive environmental impact

We are dedicated to cleanteach and want to support the founders who really strive for a positive impact on the planet.


Strong technological component

Software or hardware, we look for innovative technologies with a strong foundation.


Ambition to take on the world

You like to dream big and are ready to put in the grind? So are we. Let's go change the world.


Scalability and path to commercialisation

We understand that you are only at the beginning of your journey, but the idea needs to be venture scalable. Early market traction doesn't hurt either.


Founder-investor match

We will be embarking on a long journey together. Let's make sure that we can make this a productive partnership.

New Growth

What exactly is cleantech?

Climate change will be the biggest challenge for humankind over the next decades and we believe that it also provides the biggest opportunities.

Cleantech is not a standalone vertical as change is need across industries to ensure a sustainable future. Cleantech refers to developing new technologies across industries that help us achieve this future.


2C Ventures invests in companies that develop new technologies and contribute to at least one of the following environmental objectives.


Environmental objectives

Climate change mitigation
Transition to a circular economy
Climate change adaptation
Pollution prevention and control
Sustainable use and protection of water and marine resources
Protection and restoration of biodiversity and ecosystems

Building game changing cleantech company and seeking funding?

Get in touch with us at


Address: A. Lauteri 3, 10114, Tallinn, Estonia

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